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Virginia Cope

Artist's Statement

Nature, as life, is ever changing and fleeting. I try to seize moments in time: the flashes of light on shimmering leaves, the kaleidoscope of colours in a flower garden, the iridescent reflections of trees on the water; to capture these fragments before they fade and disappear.

My approach is immediate and impressionistic and, to this end, oil paint serves my purpose. It has the properties, which enable me to delight in the painting process itself: the flexibility, the richness of colour, the luminosity, the ability to paint thick or thin.

I use gestural strokes; fine-tuning as I go along until my interpretation of what I see is distilled to its essence. This is the challenge that is never ending and ever motivating, a journey of discovery that helps me grow as an artist.

Painting will always be a cherished form of self-expression for me.
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